In the beginning, it was the music. 

This journey started with hip-hop: the sound, the hustle, and the tidal wave that swept the world and signaled to the young and ambitious, that a new pathway to success had opened up. 

It happened for a group of young men six thousand miles from L.A., who followed the Jay Z blueprint. An artist named Timati honed his craft, hooked up with friends Pashu and Walter, and built a music career into commercial success in a number of other ventures. 

They sought the council of those with more experience. Made moves that were deliberate and created a brand that reflected their lives: Black Star.

But the world is large, and with every conquest comes the hunger to conquer more. 

Over the years they spent more time in L.A., working with producers and songwriters at the top of their game. And then the idea started to come up: over dinners, during lucky encounters on flights, on vacations. Could they replicate in the City of Angels what they achieved back home?

California dreaming started to exert its magnetic pull. They began reaching out to people who could make up a team of experienced but still hungry players. If it was going to happen, it had to be done right. Over time, the pieces started coming together to create a stateside Black Star that would function as a record label, publishing and production house.